Skin Care Guide For Your Newborn 

The skin of the newborn babies is so soft that they can get affected by even the slightest of the scratch on their skin. The skin peeling in newborn remains a major cause of concern and if left untreated may lead to various ailments that may leave a permanent scar on the skin. There are various causes as to why the skin peeling in newborn babies occurs about which we shall be talking about later in this guide. 

This skin peeling is seen as a normal phenomenon that should not trouble you but anything when occurs in out of bounds may lead to severe ailments later on. 

On which parts of the body does skin peeling occurs

The skin peeling in newborns can happen on different parts of the body such as the soles, ankles and hands which can become severe over time. When a baby is born, his skin is already covered with various body fluids that are wiped off by the nurse soon after the birth of the child. These fluids are as follows: 

  • Blood 
  • Vernix
  • Amniotic fluid 

What causes skin peeling in newborns? 

Though, it is the vernix that is a determinant when it comes to skin peeling but when there are some of the factors which also contribute (and irritate) the skin peeling among the newborn babies. 

Let us make it more elaborate: 

  • There are broadly two categories in which the causes of skin peeling can be bifurcated, namely, eczema and ichthyosis. This division makes the causes of the newborn skin peeling more pronounced. 
  • Besides the above broad category, there are shampoos and detergents as well which can out your baby in trouble. 
  • When it comes to the eateries, food products like soy and dairy can also make the situation troublesome.

Treating the newborn at home with some remedies!

This ailment needs proper care and there are many of the home remedies for skin peeling in newborn that can be troublesome for the parents. Take necessary precautions so that the baby is being said to have the right health in the long run. Also, you will have to substitute some of the creams following the advice given to you by the doctors. 

A more elaborative approach is required to prepare the baby for his growing up years so here we have come up with newborn’s skin peeling home remedies that can help you out. Some baby journey blog also provide helpful tips.

  • It is important to raise the moisture level in your home and for that a humidifier comes into play 
  • Use the soap and the shampoo which is mild on the skin and balances the moisturizing content of the skin 

You need to be quite observant regarding the state of your baby’s skin. A close watch will ensure that the baby’s skin can be taken care of. When you are continuously gauging the skin then ensure that there is no flakiness. When this happens, there are chances that the baby may develop a dry skin that may get aggravated to a high degree. For more parenting tips, visit


Have A Birthday Party Even If Your Kids Are Young

It is true that children have infantile amnesia until about 4 years old. This means that the experiences of the little ones will help them understand the world and know how to react in their environment, learn the language and have a feeling of belonging, but when they are older they will not remember almost anything of that stage. Those memories fall asleep in the mind and when children grow up, they do not remember what happened at that time in their life. Therefore, there are parents who think that having a birthday party when they are little does not make sense.

But it makes much more sense than you might imagine, because even if they don’t remember the experiences, the emotions and feelings they have since they are born remain etched in their hearts forever. It is these emotions that will shape you as an adult … or another.

Enjoy the celebration

If someone has ever told you that it is not worth having a birthday party for your two or three year old child because so much effort is useless as they will not remember, do not listen! Because even if they don’t remember, you will … And your little one will be impressed with your effort, how well they have had and everything they love in their family (essential for their good physical and emotional development ).

Also, as a good birthday party, it is logical that you immortalize the moment with photos or videos, which will be a great treasure to show your child when he grows up. We do not know what will happen in the future, tomorrow is uncertain and therefore we have to give the best of ourselves in the present.

We are the memories we form in our childhood, even those that fade in the mind. Therefore, even if your child is only 1 year old, it is a good idea to celebrate their birthday . You need to feel that love in your environment and realize how dear you are in your family.

Take lots of photos!

Take many photos, print them, enjoy those memories captured and keep them as your greatest treasure so that when your little one grows up, you can show them and enjoy together contemplating them while you tell them how their parties were, always being by their side to blow out the candles on the pie.

Those memories on paper will not only be a treasure for you, they will become the most valuable thing in the world for your child the moment nature decides that you will no longer be by her side, when your life is over. It will be the most precious thing about your child because it will be part of the emotional legacy that you leave.

It does not matter if the photo that is taken is not perfect, if the house is not sparkling or if it is not all as perfect as it appears in some Instagram profiles. It really doesn’t matter, because what really matters in all this is the memory captured in the image, you … your unconditional love … One day you will want to remember in detail what your baby’s face was when she took her

Make it special

So make it special in your hearts. Allow them to enjoy as much as possible, that you are just as happy as your child that day. Because although it is true that it is your little one’s birthday because it was the day he was born, it is also the day you gave him life… So that day is also important and special for you.

Setting Limits For Children Through Play

All boys and girls must have rules and limits in order to develop properly. It is the only way in which they can feel safe in their life and above all, enjoy a childhood where they find that the rules and limits are part of a whole. Rules and boundaries are the path they must follow and they will know at all times what their adult referrals expect of them each day.

Many parents set the rules and limits in the wrong ways: yelling, rudely, and trying to impose fear on young children. But it is not necessary to be so drastic, because in reality, if you want to do things well, you can impose the same rules and limits throughout the game … without the need to generate conflicts of any kind.

Set rules and limits from the game

It consists of parents being able to propose the rules to their children as if it were a game. First, they will have to keep a number of things in mind, because if they don’t, then they may not get anything. Some recommendations to consider are:

  • Younger children will be more accepting of rules when they receive them through play.
  • Children should have good trust with their parents.
  • Parents need to have the patience and time to get it right.
  • Parents must trust themselves and what they are doing.

Set limits as if it were a game

You may now think, what kinds of steps are necessary to be able to set rules and limits for children? Here are some that can be adjusted to your needs and family interests. You will be able to establish rules and limits throughout the game taking into account the following:

  1. Set the norm and limit. For example: “You have to speak more quietly.”
  2. Clearly explain the limit you impose. Remember that it is important that you always expose it positively because in this way they will receive the norm in a much more optimal way and will not reject it out of the box.
  3. Repeat the rule. You can repeat the rule as many times as necessary until you make sure that your child has understood it correctly. Once the norm or limit is formulated in a positive way and the children have understood it, you should tell them to repeat it 3 times singing (in a funny way) with their voice or imitating someone who is interesting to them (such as a character or a famous person) . In this way, if the child is having fun while you explain the rule to her, she will be internalizing in a much more positive way what you want to teach her and what you want her to be able to achieve.
  4. Set consequences. Like any rule or limit, it is necessary to establish consequences if the rules are broken. These consequences must be well explained to the children. It is important that children understand the rules, but it is also imperative that they understand what the consequences are if they break them. It is better to do it through a game, for example with a brainstorming session in which everyone collaborates to think about the consequences that may arise if the established rules are violated (and that they are logical consequences regarding the limits).

As you can see, the education of your children does not have to be simply “order and command”. Children can collaborate in the choice of rules and consequences. The important thing is that they do it in a fun and entertaining way so that in this way, they better internalize everything that is being demanded of them without understanding it as an imposition.