Have A Birthday Party Even If Your Kids Are Young

It is true that children have infantile amnesia until about 4 years old. This means that the experiences of the little ones will help them understand the world and know how to react in their environment, learn the language and have a feeling of belonging, but when they are older they will not remember almost anything of that stage. Those memories fall asleep in the mind and when children grow up, they do not remember what happened at that time in their life. Therefore, there are parents who think that having a birthday party when they are little does not make sense.

But it makes much more sense than you might imagine, because even if they don’t remember the experiences, the emotions and feelings they have since they are born remain etched in their hearts forever. It is these emotions that will shape you as an adult … or another.

Enjoy the celebration

If someone has ever told you that it is not worth having a birthday party for your two or three year old child because so much effort is useless as they will not remember, do not listen! Because even if they don’t remember, you will … And your little one will be impressed with your effort, how well they have had and everything they love in their family (essential for their good physical and emotional development ).

Also, as a good birthday party, it is logical that you immortalize the moment with photos or videos, which will be a great treasure to show your child when he grows up. We do not know what will happen in the future, tomorrow is uncertain and therefore we have to give the best of ourselves in the present.

We are the memories we form in our childhood, even those that fade in the mind. Therefore, even if your child is only 1 year old, it is a good idea to celebrate their birthday . You need to feel that love in your environment and realize how dear you are in your family.

Take lots of photos!

Take many photos, print them, enjoy those memories captured and keep them as your greatest treasure so that when your little one grows up, you can show them and enjoy together contemplating them while you tell them how their parties were, always being by their side to blow out the candles on the pie.

Those memories on paper will not only be a treasure for you, they will become the most valuable thing in the world for your child the moment nature decides that you will no longer be by her side, when your life is over. It will be the most precious thing about your child because it will be part of the emotional legacy that you leave.

It does not matter if the photo that is taken is not perfect, if the house is not sparkling or if it is not all as perfect as it appears in some Instagram profiles. It really doesn’t matter, because what really matters in all this is the memory captured in the image, you … your unconditional love … One day you will want to remember in detail what your baby’s face was when she took her

Make it special

So make it special in your hearts. Allow them to enjoy as much as possible, that you are just as happy as your child that day. Because although it is true that it is your little one’s birthday because it was the day he was born, it is also the day you gave him life… So that day is also important and special for you.